Thursday, September 29, 2011


Phoenix Team members left to right: Chris Arai, Tactical Officer and crew; Tim Ettridge, Back up copilot and crew, Jim Lee, team leader and pilot; Jeff Shingleton, copilot

Aircraft weigh in and crew weigh in. The Phoenix was weighed empty and then with measured 8 gallons of fuel onboard. Crew was weighed with all items on the table and then the items were put on the scale. We flew with vents closed for decreased drag, and Jeff and I both lost 2 pounds on each flight! Quite interesting. The fuel was weighed seperately so they know exactly how much was burned.

We took off with low rpm until the engine warmed up, and did a big pull up and turn towards the second turnpoint after crossing the end of the runway turnpoint.

Phoenix crossing the goal line at 110kts with the engine off at the conclusion of the speed run. Results will be published at the October 3 ceremony at Moffett Field.

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