Monday, September 5, 2011

Crusin' Cockpit

Click on any photo to enlarge. This is a series of photos of my cockpit during long flights, this one while returning home from Oshkosh. The prop is pitched for cruise for better speed and economy. Altitude is 7700', indicated speed is 103kts and true airspeed is 121kts. Rpm is 4710 so I am burning just south of 4gph. Ground speed is 138kts. I am listening to the Guard frequency so it doen't interrupt Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones on the Ipod too often.

I have really grown fond of the Air Chart Systems VFR Sectional Atlas because it is small, all of the charts are in one place, and it reduces the amount of time I spend zooming in and out on the Garmin 496 screen to see what is coming up next. In other words, it helps me keep my eyes out the window better. The only downside is the $140 price for the two books covering the US. You get regular updates to keep it valid for a year. I can also highlight airports and make comments that won't be lost when I throw out an old chart.

Some of you will note my messy cockpit, sorry dude! Most items are in the blue bag beside me but I keep the beef jerky, snacks, water, and Gatorade in easy reach. I put everything in the blue bag and buckle it in for take offs and landings.

At 6'1" I am quite comfortable in the Phoenix with plenty of legroom. Many of my long flights have been with friends about the same size as me, and we have always been very comfortable.

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