Monday, September 5, 2011

Last leg from Oshkosh

Almost every trip takes me through Panama City so I get another layover with my Mom!

After visiting my parents, I met Kathy and Rachel in Tallahassee to tour Florida State University. Rachel is a senior in high school, top of her class, Band Captain, second chair (clairnet), and with 16 hours of flight instruction from me, can make unassisted take offs and landings. She is applying to Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Boston U, and FSU and wants to major in neuroscience. Go Rachel!

Bad weather mad me glad to have the XM weather on the 496. I had to do a lot of detouring, finally landing at New Smyrna for a few hours for a window to open up. That happened after sunset, so the final push was at night with bolts of lightening over the Atlantic and the lights of Orlando to my right.

Home, safe and sound. Thanks Phoenix!

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