Monday, September 5, 2011

Landing at Brennand Airport during Oshkosh

Click on photo to enlarge. Note the brilliance of the Aero LED lights even during the day. Photo by James Lawrence.

I had a really nice flight with a young lady beginning her flight career. She hooked up a video camera and I hope to have a copy of it soon.

Coming in for a landing at Brennand Airport (79C). The runway is 2450' by 20'. That's right, 20'! This is the narrowest paved strip I have ever landed on in 40 years as a pilot (according to my failing memory). The wind was often times 90 degree cross, so combined with the narrow runway, good technique was always required, along with the steerable tailwheel of the Phoenix. Photo by Dale.

When landing the Phoenix, use at least 50% spoilers before entering ground effect, and then don't change them until the landing. Every once in a while I will land with 50% spoilers, and then go to full spoiler on touch down. Normally though, I use full spoilers before entering ground effect and leave them there for the duration of the landing. Photo by Dale.

Photo taken a split second before touch down. Keep pulling on the stick until touch down, and it will automatically be a full stall landing in the 3 point position. The tailwheel will be on the ground, giving you complete control over direction, especially in a crosswind. As with most of the landings at Brennand, this was an engine off landing. Photo by Dale.

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