Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yosemite tour with Jorge

 El Capitan



 Almost 18,000'

 Sierras looking south

El Capitan

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Kathy and I flew from Melbourne FL to Minden NV from September 17 to September 20.  We typically flew 5-6 hours per day and finished up the last day with a 2.8 hour flight into Minden from Las Vegas.  Trip average speed was 112kts, total time was 20.2 hours, and we burned just under 80 gallons over the 2270nm trip.  Hammond (HDC) and Odessa (ODO) were excellent stops with hangars and superb service.  The track log can be seen at

Mississippi River

I love flying around towering cu, Kathy not so much.

There's always Sudoku if the scenery isn't interesting.

OK, just as long as there isn't any ethanol in that stuff.

Gotta love hangar cats

Texas oil fields

Comfy digs in Odessa

Guadalupe Mountains

Prescribed burn on the Mogollon Rim.  Really?  I mean really?  We have to breathe that air.

Grand Canyon.  Hazy air due to smoke, but impressive nevertheless.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Perfect weather the whole way with light winds.  Then we faced incoming rain from a Pacific hurricane so we reserved an Uber car for 7am.  Uber cancelled us at 7:15.  No taxis in Boulder City, no buses, no airport shuttle.  The FBO drove out and rescued us and we were on our way in light drizzle for a few minutes until we got north of the Vegas Class B.  
Great trip, great plane, great First Officer.  I can't teach Kathy everything or she won't need me anymore.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final Leg - Cartagena to Bogota

Link to the flight route:,-84.5535278261045&chart=301&zoom=11&plan=A.K7.KMLB:A.K7.KFXE:G.25.844228515347765,-80.7669067879949:G.25.338895925596013,-80.27252202233869:A.K7.KEYW:G.23.411166697610053,-82.6162720224866:F.MU.VINKA:G.21.072967473258433,-86.50497435943076:A.MZ.MZBZ:G.11.549908736756471,-85.62149051456579:A.MR.MRPV:G.8.834323230812897,-81.34964038936336:A.SK.SKCG:G.6.940604627925039,-73.8686371621789:G.6.009277047390798,-73.55255154230703:A.SK.SKGY

 Panel shot with Garmin Aera being used for navigation after losing the Jeppesen database in the Skyview.  It turns out that when you pay for and load the Jeppesen database, the US Dynon database must also be purchased and used or the Jeppesen data does not work.  So as we began this leg, we lost all of the mapping functions and data.  I threw my Garmin in my gear bag at the last minute - glad I did!  After landing in Bogota, I got this straightened out and the data is back.

 Dos Amigos

 Mountains to the left

 Mountains to the right

Entering Bogota 

Lovely Diana arranged a champagne reception for us.  It doesn't get any better than that! 

Open shed style hangars are all that are available.  Andres must wax and cover his plane to keep it looking nice.  Everyone who saw the plane wanted one.  Maybe I will get to enjoy this flight again someday.  Or maybe I will just fly my plane to Columbia, Peru, and Argentina.  Machu Pichu is on my bucket list.  Maybe we could get a flight of Phoenix together for this one?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Belize to Cartagena

 Sunrise in Belize City

 Complete cloud cover entering Honduras

 Mountains of Honduras

 Dynon Skyview with Jeppesen map database.  Leaving Honduras about to enter Nicaragua.

 The Isla de Ometepe

 Andres said "OK, that's close enough!"

 Customs at Bolanos airport in San Jose, Costa Rica

 Departure from San Jose on the second day attempt.  The first try was aborted due to clouds too high to go over and too low to go under.

 Caribbean side of the Panama Canal

 Landing in Cartagena

The walled "old town" of Cartagena

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Key West to Belize City

I flew from Melbourne to pick up Andres in Ft. Lauderdale, and then we flew over the Everglades on the way to the Key West.  Andres mounted a GoPro camera on the wingtip for the whole flight, and controlled if from his iPhone.

Florida Keys

 Florida Keys

 Key West ready for 8am departure

 Jim and Andres looking forward to the flight!

Leaving Key West

 Somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico

 Andres had to shut off the engine over Cancun and play a little
We were fine until Cancun approach said "122AF What.....Are....You....Doing?

Cancun wingover

 Base leg into Belize City

 The airport authorities have upgraded the facilities since my last visit.  They now offer cinderblock tie downs instead of us having to scrounge our own boulders.

Dive boat waiting for morning departure to dive sites 50 miles offshore.  People live and dive from the boat for a week at a time for $2500.  The boat has a hot tub.

Trip stats: 600nm flown.  5 hours total flight time including engine off gliding from 12,500 to 8,500 over Cancun.  20.9 gallons fuel burned.  7 gallons remaining in Belize.