Saturday, August 17, 2013

Russ Owens over Lake Tahoe

All photos by Andy Robinson

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Russ Has Top Scoring Flight in the World

Jim -
I had a very satisfying soaring flight in my Phoenix last week 7-30-13. Out of Ely, NV. The day after you and Kathy left Ely, I flew a 495 km.(267 NM) online contest flight including a 460 km FAI triangle. This flight was the highest scoring OLC flight in the WORLD for that day, putting the Phoenix at the top of the world OLC results list. This should help point out that the Phoenix is a capable cross-country soaring machine among its many other attributes.
I took off with full fuel then found a good thermal right after takeoff. Total engine run inflight was about two minutes. I landed back at Ely about seven hours later with over 25 gallons of fuel still onboard! Let's see any other LSA top that! 

Without refueling, the next day Lynn and I flew home via a route that took us over a spectacular viewing of the Grand Canyon. We'll fly the Phoenix to Idaho in about 10 days for the King Mountain "All birds are welcome" event. Such a capable and fun plane!
Best wishes.
 Russ and Lynn
 Sunset flying with Russ in Florida
 Jim and Kathy fly over dry lakebed near Ely
OLC scoresheet for all flights in the world on 7-30-13.  OLC stands for On Line Contest.  It is easy to sign up, and then make a flight and record it on a datalogger.  Then you submit the data file to the OLC website and they score your flight.  The loggers have a noise sensor that can tell when the engine is running.
Congratulations Russ!