Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sedona to Tehachapi

After leaving Sedona, the afternoon overdevelopment happened big time. We again flew high, 14,500', most of the way. We were above most of the clouds, and weaved around the higher buildups.

After bypassing China Lake and Edwards AFB, we descended into Tehachapi with the hundreds of wind generators lining the pass.

We were loaded with almost 100lbs of gear. Even when you intend to travel light, the weight seems to increase of it's own accord. Besides our computers, charts, oil, tie down anchors, short wingtips, food and drinks, clothes, EPIRB, and back-up radio and equipment, the Phoenix had to carry the fuel and us, which it did without complaint. Those long wings really handle the weight and the altitude well.
There was enough room in the cockpit to make our journey comfortable. Dennis repeatedly said how easy and comfortable the trip was. He was expecting more of a long slog westward. It really was a great trip. I know we will both cherish the sights, experiences, and friendship we experienced.
Last leg stats;
3.5 hours
So from the East Coast of Florida to the foothills of the Sierras, we managed better than 100kts against the wind on every leg!
Thanks for hauling me along on a great journey, Dennis!

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