Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moriarty, NM

We landed in Moriarty with a strong crosswind blowing. After fueling, Mark Mocho found us hangar space for the night. Thanks Mark! A huge storm rolled in an hour later, we we were happy to have the Phoenix inside.

Mark, Dennis, and Robert Mudd (Pipistrel dealer and composite repair facility) take a look at the Phoenix.

This is the TST Bonus Jet project that Mark and Bob Carlton are working on. It has an experimental certificate, and Bob is going to get an exemption to do flight training in the plane for glider pilots wanting a self-launch jet powered glider like the Bonus Jet.

Notice the carousel that spins to align the glider with the hangar door. I believe this was the first of it's type. These guys in Moriarty think outside the box.

The large doors close around the engine for minimum drag during engine operation, as you can see in the first photo. The jet engine retracts completely inside the fuselage during glider flight. The dual exhaust prevents the tail from burning off. Man, those guys think of everything! You can see the Bonus Jet at

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