Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moriarty to Sedona, AZ

We left Moriarty in the morning, bound for Sedona. It was easy to get on top of a low cloud base, and cruise through the gap between the Sandias and the Manzano Mountains. We flew through Albuquerque's Class C airspace with flight following. The radar in western New Mexico was broken, so when radar coverage was lost they kicked us loose. We only had to circumvent some small rain showers, under a mostly overcast sky. We saw the Acoma Pueblo, also called Sky City because it is on top of a mesa, and has been occupied for about 900 years. After crossing into Arizona we saw Meteor Crater, and then flew over Sedona.

Although a cirrus layer cut off direct sunlight, the red rock spires were still awesome.

We had lunch, and Ted Grussing came out to the airport to meet us. Ted is a friendly guy, and a great photographer. I will post some of his photos of us departing Sedona in the next report.
Flight Stats:
Distance; 302nm
Time; 2.9hrs
Average speed; 104kts
Cruising rpm; 5000
Cruise altitude; about 12,500'
Fuel; 13 gallons

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