Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Minden back to Tehachapi

I arrived in Tehachapi with 3 pilots lined up waiting to see the Phoenix. After we all looked over under, and inside the plane, I flew with Bryan. The wind was stil blowing hard from the west so we climbed east of the airport though blowing dust and ratty thermals. Not the best conditions to show off the plane in. But we made some climbs, and ran downwind to a ridge for a little ridge soaring too. Engine back on, we made an easy landing in the crosswinds.
David hopped in next. He is a Minden local with a Stemme and a Sparrowhawk, and he knew exactly where to go to find 900 up. We made some in-air restarts, and expored both engine off and on performance.
Joe was next, and we didn't have much time to stray far from the airport since he had to fly back to Fresno that afternoon. But he is an experienced glider pilot and motorglider owner, so he knew what he was looking at.

The next morning David and I met for coffee at the Taildragger Cafe and discussed the Phoenix. Our meeting concluded with David ordering serial number 07/U15. Thanks David, and welcome to the Phoenix Club!

After a hop with Fred La Sor at Soaring NV, it was time to return to Tehachapi. Fred, Brad, Jeff, and everyone at Soaring NV was as helpful and friendly as possible. Check out their website at

Mammoth Mountain

The White Mountains to the east with Boundary Peak off the wingtip.

Wow, what scenery! What great flying there is to be had in the Sierras. Great views, great people, great soaring, great aircraft. I'm a lucky man to have made this trip. Thanks again, Dennis!

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