Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Melbourne to Topeka with Kris

Howdy sports fans.  Please pardon the long delay in our reports here.  Blogger is updating their website and adding new cool things to help us posters (posers?).  Don't you just love it?  What happens is that the site gets screwed up and no one can post photos.  And without photos, what would this particular blog be?  Booooring!  I mean to say that the visual beauty of the Phoenix, and the sights that this wonderful machine allows us to experience is the main reason for these posts.  Anyway, I have finally discovered a work around to get the job done until the folks get it together again.  So we hope you enjoy these photos of Kris and his new Phoenix, and our great trip to his airpark home in Topeka the second week of November.

We had some nice conditions for training in Melbourne, including this great sunset flight.

This is what the panel looks like when Sebastian Communications begins their work.

And this is the finished product.  Pretty nice, eh?

Crossing the Mississippi.

Over Arkansas.

Preflight on the second short day into Topeka.

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