Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pack of Phoenix

Flocks of birds have all sorts of names.  Covey, gaggle, mob, band, flight, murder, skien, and the recent videos of murmerations of starlings on YouTube.  So what do we call our group of Phoenix?  Well, pack sounds good, so that is what I'll use until someone comes up with a better idea.  Anyway, several Phoenix affectionados have chastised me for the lack of blog posts, and one even asked if we were ok.  So yes, we are doing fine, thanks, just very busy bringing in the Phoenix and doing the myriad details required before the hand off, and training.  Too busy to even deal with new sales orders, but they keep coming in anyway!  As reported in, of the 90 different LSA manufacturers producing 127 different aircraft, Phoenix Air ranked 6th in new registrations so far this year!

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