Friday, January 25, 2013

Sebring LSA Expo

Our tent and display area at the show.

Kathy talks with interested pilots.  The step stools were there to keep people from standing on the wheel pants and breaking them which worked great.  Kathy was a great help at the show, thanks honey!

Jan Friedrich of the Czech LAA takes his first flight in the Phoenix.  He put together a neat slideshow of his flight which you can view at

L-R:  Josef Straka, owner of Stratos 07, which makes the Phoenix parachute system, Jan Friedrich, and Martin Stepanek, head of Phoenix Air s.r.o.

Just before departing the show, heading home on the short flight to Melbourne.  I loitered over the airport for a little while, waiting for the Mustang to launch so that I could jump him from out of the sun and show him some Phoenix stuff, but he saw me and waited for me to leave before he took off.

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