Saturday, June 4, 2011

Longhollow Ranch to Boerne Stage

We left Lee and Bev headed for San Angelo and the next waiting pilot wanting to see the Phoenix. Unfortunately, the wind was still howling and we had almost a complete cloud cover. So a text message was sent to San Angelo and we veered to the next stop, Boerne Stage Airport just north of San Antonio. It was starting to get warm again so the sunshades came out to shelter us from the direct sun. These little beauties cut about 50% of the heat off of us, and only cost $4 at WalMart.

Typical cruise speeds of 102kts indicated, 119kts true, at 5000rpm, burning 4gph on the way to Boerne.

After landing at Boerne, it was once again my pleasure to go up with the world's friendliest flight instructor, Dave White.

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