Thursday, June 30, 2011

Florida to Nevada

Steve Chase and I left Melbourne, FL to deliver a Phoenix to Dave in Minden. Our first day took us to Wilbarger airport in Texas, after 9 hours, covering 1057nm.
Day 2 brought strong winds against the nose, and turbulent unstable air with strong lift. After fighting the air for a few hours, we gave up and toured Monument Valley down low. A strong thermal presented itself, so we shut down the engine, climbed to 16 grand, and began a run towards Lake Powell.

A beautiful cloud street ran all the way to Page, AZ, so we dolphin flew under the street, only needing 3 thermals between Monument Valley and Page, even though the wind was 20-25kts on the nose.

Looking back the way we had come, the beauty of Lake Powell late in the day was awesome. Day 2 only saw 696nm after a 7.8hr flight.

Day 3 took us into Minden after 430nm in 3.8 hrs.

Total distance for the trip was 2183nm, in 19.6 hours for an average speed of 111kts. Not too shabby on an east to west flight.

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