Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sun n Fun: After the Storm

The Sun n Fun volunteers and exhibitors went to work and cleaned up all of the limbs, trees, trash, and broken tents and aircraft. Something like 50 airplanes were damaged, and we felt bad for those who lost their precious planes. My daughter Rachel takes a break from all of the hard work. She is 16 years old, has 16 hours in LSA's, and can make unassisted take-offs and landings. Rachel, what say we go take in some of the show?
Rachel displays her precision positioning for the Blue Angels.

Put in your earplugs!

The announcer said they were 18 inches wingtip to canopy!

We love it when the wives want to try on the Phoenix too.

The young crowd really likes the modern looks of the Phoenix.

Kathy Lee handing out Phoenix literature.

Everyday following the storm was a perfect uncloudy day.

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