Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sun n Fun Tornado

Around noon today, March 31, we were hit by a huge storm. Seeking refuge in the van, we watched as the winds picked up past 50mph. We had staked the Phoenix to the ground with 3 foot steel stakes, which held up well. Our tent sailed off across the street, and the wind continued to pick up. Pea sized hail hit, and we couldn't see the Phoenix any longer.
This was the view after the storm, looking to the south of our booth space. An X-Air sits on a Piper Sport.

Looking north, a cub lies on it's back. Dozens of aircraft were destroyed.

That is the remains of our tent across the street. We were very lucky that nothing hit the Phoenix, and the stakes held. The screw in dog anchors didn't hold anyone down, nor did the Claw anchors which were either uprooted or broken. I will no longer travel without the big steel stakes!

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  1. Wow!! My heart goes out to those whose airplanes suffered damage. And so glad your Phoenix escaped unscathed. 'Tis a beautiful aircraft.

    george in NM