Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarasota and Miami Demo Flights

I flew over to Sarasota to fly with Marc out of the North Manatee Airport, a nice little grass strip just north of Sarasota. We flew with the short tips first, heading over to the Benson Gyrocopter Days at Wachula. There were about 75 autogyros in the middle of a spot landing contest. It was pretty cool. Then we did some soaring (yep, with the short tips) and explored the quick roll rate of the Phoenix with a 36 foot span before heading back to North Manatee. After answering some questions by local pilots, we were off again with the long tips. We didn't have to go far to hit the first thermal, and then we were off and running to Seminole Lake Gliderport, 50 miles away.
A couple of days later found me at the Tamiami airport to fly with David. We shut down the engine and soared across Florida (granted only 35 miles across at this point) completely overflying the Everglades! We were within easy glide of the Gulf Coast when we cranked back up and flew to Tamiami.

David is 6'5", so far the tallest pilot to fly the Phoenix. He looked cramped to me, but lasted throughout a couple hour flight. I'll line up a few more inches of leg room for him.

I departed Tamiami to the southeast just to fly over the beautiful water.

Then it was northbound over Miami at 9000'. It was a cool flight over the coast all of the way back to Melbourne.

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