Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trip to Bogota, Columbia first leg: Melbourne to Key West

After a myriad of details, Andres and I finally left Melbourne in the afternoon, headed to Key West.  It was an easy warm up for the long days ahead.

Typical cruise speed, 103kts indicated, 121kts true at 9000'.

Typical pilot equipment: phone with music and mini iPad with Foreflight.  What has flying come to?

Circling to land at Key West.  After we landed, the lineman said "Hey that is a Phoenix, one of those just landed here a couple of days ago".  That's right, Russ and Lynn were just here!
Andres and I cleaned up at the nearby motel and then went out to a nice fish restaurant which would have been better without the karaoke music.  We sat as far from the microphone as possible.  After a good night's sleep, we were off on the real leg of the journey; Belize via Cozumel.  Stay tuned!

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