Friday, February 15, 2013

Bogota Flight Leg 5: Cartagena to Bogota

 Up at sunrise to get an early start due to predicted cloud buildups on our route later in the day.

 The crew at Cartagena was friendly, courteous, and helpful.  Matter of fact, that is what we found at every stop on the way.

 Departing SKCG.

Andres took one look at the towering clouds ahead and asked what do we do now?  My response: Climb!

We finally topped out at 13,500'.  There were mountains in those clouds as high as 12,000'.  The little Phoenix U2 Spyplane ate up the sky!

 Then the clouds opened up allowing an easy descent to Bogota.  Perfect!

 Approach to SKGY, Chia Airport, at 8000'msl.

The police must ok every take off and landing.

Mauricio was one of a dozen friends who had to try on the Phoenix.  Mauricio is working on the software for a similar program to Foreflight for Columbian airspace.

 Phoenix shares the hangar with Andres' other plane, a Navajo.

This trip of a lifetime for me was made possible by my new friend Andres Lisocki.  Thanks Andres!!!
Trip stats:  360nm  3.5 hours  103kts average speed
Total trip length:  2301nm
Total time: 20 hours
You can view the flight paths on my favorite flight planning website, Skyvector.  Click on the link below to view the flight route on Skyvector.  

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