Monday, October 3, 2011

NASA CAFE GFC Final Results

Jim Lee flying the Phoenix in tight formation with Klaus Olhman and Eric Raymond in the E Genius on the cross country flight from Santa Rosa to Moffett Field. Photo by Timothy Ettridge

Hello again, race fans,

The electric world has been stood on it's ear by the Taurus G4 and Eric Raymond's E Genius. Both finished the race by far exceeding the 100mph, 100mpg, and 200mile course with ease. I don't have final numbers, but the Taurus G4 won by a slim margin over the E Genius, taking home the big prize.

The Phoenix performed admirably, placing third, but was not able to do 100mpg (no gas burner can). We had a great time, and hope that the CAFE foundation gets the final stats up soon so we can see exactly what happened.

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