Thursday, October 6, 2011

Moffett Field and Ames Research Center

Tim and I flew with the E Genius and Tauras G4 to Moffett Field for the public display and flight displays. We were honored to be allowed to land at this historic airfield. Here we are taxiing past the famous Hangar One.

Tim looks pretty sharp, using one of his best Phoenix poses. We have a couple of new decals on the plane, too.

The turnout was better than I expected, with folks from around the area showing up to check out the GFC planes.

Klaus Ohlman looks on as Eric, Dave, and Tim describe our formation approach to Moffett.

Next up are flights with customers in Petaluma, Hollister, Turlock, Denver, Kansas, maybe Iowa if I can stand being gone from home that long. But please drop me a line if you would like me to terrorize your hometown with the Phoenix!

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