Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treasure Coast Airpark

We had a nice flight south of Ft. Pierce to the Treasure Coast Airpark. Three very experienced pilots were waiting to fly the Phoenix. They own various types of aircraft and it looks like their hardest chore each day is deciding which ones to fly. We had some light lift on a mostly blue day, but we were able to gain a few thousand feet in lift and enjoyed a pleasant day.
Flying with a Carbon Cub.

After flight debrief in the shade.

Jim, Tom, Syd, and Randy discuss who found the better thermal.
Syd is a CFIG and Randy has owned a series of gliders so they knew what to do with lift. Jim (Carbon Cub owner) had his first glider flight and got to experience some new things like in-flight engine shut down, searching for lift, speeds to fly, and landing without the engine.

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