Sunday, February 20, 2011

127nm soaring flight in the Phoenix

3 days ago the weather was looking pretty good for a distance soaring flight. So we hopped in the Phoenix at noon and flew to the Wallaby Ranch hanggliding site (they tow hanggliders aloft with ultralights) which is outside of Kissimmee, FL. After 20 minutes of powered flight, we shut down the engine and proceeded to soar north past Ocala, landing in Lake City for a 127nm flight.
You can watch a YouTube video of the flight at:

After a short break on the ground to stretch, make a couple of phone calls, and top off the tanks for the night flight home, we departed Lake City bound for home in Melbourne.

It was really fun to just do a straight out flight as far as I could get to without having a retrieve crew, and trailering the glider back home in the middle of the night. It was completely worry free, and great fun! Can't wait to do another one!

Flying back home at sunset.

Parked at the hangar back home in Melbourne at 7pm.

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