Friday, September 26, 2014

John Soars Morning Glory in Australia in his Phoenix

 Hi Jim I am right now riding the morning glory when I have a chance will send photos. 
 John Sent from my iPhone

 Hi Jim 
I just got back from my second morning glory flight. On this flight we soared for 140 nm along the wave before turning back and soaring an additional 40 nm. It started to dissipate so jumped from the primary and soared the secondary as well as the 3rd and 4th waves following. We averaged speeds of between 60 and 90 knots. The wave itself had a base of around 1000 feet agl topping out at around 3500 feet agl. We launched at first light as the secondary passed over the runway. 10 nm later we connected with the primary wave. Fantastic flying. 



Australia is known around the world for its surf breaks, but few people realize those waves aren't only in the water. The Morning Glory is the world's most spectacular and predictable 'roll cloud', a 621-mile long cloud formation that often moves at speeds of 37 miles per hour, sometimes as a single cloud, and sometimes in sets of up to eight clouds.

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  1. Awesome flight, but I couldn't find it on the OLC. Is an IGC file available?

    How many Phoenix are in Australia? Perhaps we could get a tour group of owners to go Burketown to fly with the Aussies in their planes (I don't think any of the US owners will be taking their Phoenix to Australia!) during next year's Morning Glory.