Saturday, August 9, 2014

More on the Washington Fire Quilt Airlift

Jan's new Gel Cushion puts her higher,
where the seeing is better. Feels nice,

 Miserable visibility going up, as the
smoke from 5 major fires darkens the
skies. It smelled very smoky at times.

 We remove the quilts at Anderson
Field near Brewster, WA.

 Ready to return to Richland. It's looks clear from the
ground, but only 3000' aloft, the smoke is so dense,
we decided against any sightseeing near the burned

 On the way back to Richland, we stopped at
the tiny town of Mansfield for some coffee
and buns at the Town Bar. It's a rare
situation: The airport is right on the edge of
town, and it's only 600' from the tie-down to
the bar!

You walk through the park to the bar, so the
"pilot's lounge" is only 300' from the ramp.

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