Sunday, July 14, 2013

Phoenix Gets a New Look

Pretty snazzy don't you think?
 We can now offer custom graphics for the Phoenix.  We can ship the graphics to existing Phoenix owners, or we can have them installed on new planes before it gets picked up.

 After the new graphics were installed, I took the plane up to see if it flew better.  Boy did it ever!  Well, I thought it did.  Here we are over Orlando International.
 Then the storms moved into Melbourne and I had to land at Merritt Island and wait for it to come after me there.  Then a quick hop out over the ocean and in the back door at Melbourne as the storm moved to the NE.
 This is what the Dynon Skyview ADSB weather looks like.  It is very bright with great contrast; I love it!  Also with the new 6.0 software update, the autopilot is now fully functional with flight director and vertical nav functions.  You can't see any traffic displayed on the screen because I was the only one stupid enough to be up in that weather.

And here is the Garmin Aera 560.  You can see that the weather image is not nearly as good as the Skyview's.  My Aera will now be relegated to XM music.  I don't need the weather subscription any longer.  Cool, another $38/month towards the beer kitty instead!


  1. Jim, GT stripes make everything go faster!!!
    If you want aggressive as well, just ad shark's teeth to the cowl.
    Do you prefer the Dynon to the Integra? It looks good.
    Rob W. Australia

  2. Nice graphics Jim. How about updating the one aft of the cowl with a modern Phoenix bird too? Sign me up, Randy Roth