Sunday, April 21, 2013

Phoenix Wins Best LSA at Sun n Fun!

The Sun n Fun judges re-confirmed what I have been telling people for a couple of years; the Phoenix is the best light sport aircraft flying!  In 2011, the Sun n Fun judges awarded the Phoenix "The Outstanding Fixed-Wing Light Sport Aircraft" (as differentiated from Flexible Wing such as fabric and rib ultralights).  This year the award says "Best Commercial Light Sport Aircraft" which is another way to say that the Phoenix is the best production built LSA!  We did not attend Sun n Fun in 2012 due to the arrival of a new Phoenix to unload and certifiy, or maybe the Phoenix would have won that year too.

 Our booth in Paradise City next to the runway allowed us to fly 18 demo flights during the show.

 New employee John Sepulveda holds the long wingtip while Kathy shows the fitting of the short wingtip.  We'll have a report on John soon.

 We tied the Phoenix to 3' long circus tent stakes during the night, with thoughts of the 2011 tornado destruction still in our minds.

 Swapping wingtips was always a crowd pleaser, and everyone wanted to see just how Phoenix Air accomplishes this magic.

 We had shade and cold drinks available for our visitors while they talked planes and flying.

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