Friday, November 11, 2011

Denver, Witchita, Monroeville, Panama City, and Home

After the flights in Denver, I headed to Witchita, to fly with several pilots there. Motorglider guru Dave McConeghey put the Phoenix through it's paces, ending with a nice meal at Stearman Field. We stayed past dark, and then flew back to AAO in the dark. Next morning, I was off to Monroeville, after passing a cold front. The 496 and XM Weather again showed me the only way through. The shot above was taken after crossing the front, on final descent to Monroeville.

The next day brought me to Panama City and another great get together with Mom and Dad. After a couple of days visit, I was finally off for home. Here is a shot over the inlet from the Gulf of Mexico to the St. Andrews Bay in Panama City.

This dark spot off my wing is a pod (?) of sting rays. There are more than 500 of them in this small group. Some days you can see over 2000 in several different pods.

Orlando approach took me straight over the airport, and into Melbourne. As the jets go past I get a kick out of the controllers telling them "The aircraft ahead is a motorglider, he is talking to us, and will remain at 9,500' as you pass by". Were the pilots worried that I would suddenly start thermalling?

It was great to return to my family after being gone for a month, and having flown 5000nm.

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