Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flight to Oshkosh

I left Melbourne at 10am, heading for Oshkosh and Airventue 2011. A light tailwind pushed me along the coast.

Saint Augustine, FL

Jacksonville, FL

First stop for fuel was Indianapolis, just under 6 hours and 750nm later. Average speed was 127kts, and fuel burned was 24 gallons of 93 Octane, unleaded fuel from my No Ethanol gas station in Melbourne. Filled up with 100LL, and headed for Oshkosh. But a line of bad weather stopped me short of Chicago so I landed in Kankakee, IL. Paul took good care of me, driving me to and from the airport to a nearby motel. The next morning brought more bad weather, so the flight was delayed until mid-day. A T-6 Texan, 172RG, and DC-3 also waited for a window to Oshkosh, so the little airport terminal had plenty of hangar flying going on.

Finally the rain moved off, and I took the scenic route along Lake Michigan past Chicago. Arrived at the Brennand Airport just north of Oshkosh after 9 hours total time over 1100nm.

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