Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 4 Flights with 36' Span

After a few small details to work on Saturday, it was time for some flying. The main purpose was to break in the engine at fairly high rpm. The skies were crystal blue with no evidence of instability or thermals, so the short tips were chosen.

The Becker radio was yet to be installed, so the Sporty's handheld did the duties with the Melbourne tower. After the short take-off roll, we were off before the 500' marker on the runway. Patrick Air Force Base was closed, so we boogied through their airspace and toured Port Canaveral and circled Merritt Island airport. Then back south above the MLB Class D to Sebastian Inlet (below).

A helicopter was unloading skydivers over Sebastian Airport, and many aircraft were coming and going. So we then headed for Valkaria Airport for some touch and gos after about an hour of flight at almost 120kts. Valkaria was busy with student training but we squeezed into the pattern for some landings at various flap settings.

The Phoenix is a delightful aircraft to fly with the short span. Super quick roll rate due to the full span flaperons, yet still enough wing area and span to soar.

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