Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Travels from Australia to Unload a Phoenix

 OK, John didn't exactly fly all the way to the US to help me unload the latest new Phoenix from the container.  He flew over to check out the plane after placing an order, and the container just happened to arrive while he was here.  We flew almost 10 hours together, which included some nice soaring conditions.

All of the parts are strapped to the floor of the container.  Form fitting foam surrounds everything.  Special welded steel brackets attach to the main wheels, and the brackets are bolted to the floor of the container.  We are satisfied that the Phoenix will continue to arrive unharmed, but if a hurricane blocks the way we would be happy to delay the container arrival in order for the boat captain to avoid the bad weather.

The Phoenix sits ready for new avionics installations at Sebastian Communications.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Airports with Mogas

Mogas, otherwise known as unleaded no ethanol or E0 fuel is available at an increasing number of airports these days.  Light sport aircraft with the Rotax engine has something to do with it.  You can find a map listing the airports that carry mogas at this link:

The Rotax engine is approved for up to 10% ethanol.  The various Phoenix fuel components and fuel tank are also protected from up to 10% ethanol.  However, ehtanol has such a corrosive nature to plastic, rubber, and composite materials that it is best to stay away from it.
Here in Melbourne, we have 3 gas stations that carry 90 and 93 octane E0 fuel.  Four 5gallon jugs typically last 2 weeks around here, so it is not a big deal to ferry fuel to the hangar.  The 100hp 912ULS engine requires 91octane minimum so we use premium.  E0 gas stations are usually located near marinas, airports, and racetracks.