Monday, October 22, 2012

Baltimore and Return

 Kathy and I flew to Baltimore to see our daughter Rachel at school.  Johns Hopkins had a parent's weekend that coincided with perfect weather so off we went in the Phoenix.  Pure airplane flight with no soaring in mind so the short tips (36') were in order for this trip.

 At 7,500' we are indicating 102kts, true airspeed is 117kts, Rotax rpm is 4750, and ground speed is 152kts.  All while burning just under 4gph.  Eat your heart out Cessna!

 Essex Skypark is a beautiful little Historic Landmark just outside of Baltimore.

 The hangar does not have a door, but it is all ours (donations accepted!).  Thanks Ron Lane, and Max and Mike!

 Rachel is a freshman at Johns Hopkins.  Man, was it nice to experience some fall colors and temperatures after a hot Florida summer.

 Rachel is a neuroscience major.  Her printer died, so we bought a new one and hooked it up.  (Good excuse to see her dorm room).

 After 3 wonderful days with Rachel, we left this morning (10-22-12) to head back to Melbourne.  While in Baltimore, we toured a Brazilian Navy training vessel docked in the inner harbor.  That is the ship heading for Florida below us in the Chesapeake, on the way to Ft. Lauderdale.  See you guys again in a few days!

 Similar numbers for the return trip.  6800', 4780rpm, 110kts indicated, 124kts true, and 144kts ground speed.  Gotta love it!  When I told my hangar neighbor Larry that we would have a tailwind out of the southwest in the prefrontal conditions going, and a tailwind out of the northeast postfrontal for the return, he said, "Jim, you're dreaming".  We burned about 20 gallons each way.  Central Florida to Baltimore (770nm) on 20 gallons!!!  Can any other vehicle on the planet do this?

 Even with the Garmin 496 onboard, I'm still an old fashion paper kinda guy.  Kathy tracks our progress on the chart.

Back home in plenty of time for a mexican dinner, and walk on the beach with my honey at sunset.  We visited Rachel across the country via Phoenix for the weekend.  Life doesn't get any better than this!